We can feel the power of movement and groove while we dance, but the reason why dancing makes us happy is due to several factors …
Humans have been dancing since ancient times, but there has been a growing desire in recent years.


We have all seen a baby dancing happily to pleasant music. But have you ever wondered how the baby learned to dance? The little human still doesn’t know how to speak, his parents never taught him the art of dancing, but he knows how to do it. This is because dancing is a natural instinct of the human being, which helps us to express emotions and communicate.


Dancing makes us happy for reasons we don’t even imagine …


1 – It does wonders to our mental health
Dance is as therapeutic as it is natural. From the toes to the head, we all do it without realizing it. When we dance, our bodies release endorphins for pain relief. These endorphins are the best remedy for depression, anxiety and stress. Learning a new routine makes you think: a member of Dance for Parkinson told The Guardian: “I was in a very dark place mentally when I got here, but the dance keeps me alive”.


2 – Brilliant Social Interaction
Loneliness kills more people than obesity, according to a study by Brigham Young University. Other recent studies on social isolation have highlighted the enormous impact that loneliness can have on our well-being. So much so, that governments around the world are betting on campaigns for all of us to be aware of signs of isolation, especially in the elderly community.


The social dimension of dance is almost as important as physical exercise. Dance classes are one of the best ways to get involved in the community and meet other people, which can do wonders for your mental well-being.


3 – Great relaxation
It is not just energetic movements with high intensity beats. The dance can be smooth and relaxing, making you swing as smooth as a tree in a breeze instead of spinning like a New York dancer. For those who are not mobile, smooth movements in wheelchairs can benefit mental and physical well-being. There are so many ways to enjoy it.

4 – Increases self-esteem

Sometimes, we need a little encouragement to go out and exercise or socialize. Bringing the two together can be scary. Don’t let negative thoughts deprive you of the joy of dancing: embrace it and get involved in the positive things it has to give you.

After overcoming the first few minutes of inhibitions, you will laugh and burn calories in the most natural way possible.

Don’t worry about missing a few moves – even Soviet dancer Rudolf Nureyev made mistakes and he’s a swan lake star.


5 – Stimulates creativity

Dance is a form of expression. For centuries, men and women from tribes and communities have used the art of dance to symbolize thoughts and ideas. This creativity can help us to express our own feelings and that self-expression can have a wonderful effect on our general well-being.

Find the perfect pace for you in one of our group classes here.

Are we waiting for you for the next dance?

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