See the 5 things that people who are happy usually do. Do any of them?

It is not surprising that the people who are happiest are not necessarily those who have more material goods or who aspire to have them. Happiness, as real life shows us again and again, cannot be found or come from outside, it exists within us. For this reason, the path to happiness goes through an inner transformation.

In a credible 1978 study by Northwester University in the United States, happiness was proven to be unrelated to external events. Two groups were used for this study, the first with lottery winners and the second with victims of serious accidents. The results showed that, when asked about the pleasure they took from their daily activities, lottery winners had less pleasure and general dissatisfaction in relation to accident victims.

Our goals for having more money or promotions, can end up being a wrong goal if what we want is to get happiness. So how can we be happy? The best way is to look at what makes people happy and learn from your experience:

Find time

Meditation is the most direct way to find inner peace, build a dialogue with yourself and be able to invite happiness into your daily life. It is the state of well-being that will offer you the solution to feel complete and balanced with the world, just by feeling comfortable in your own skin. Meditation is an exercise so you need to take a few minutes out of your day to exercise your brain.

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Be grateful

Every day we have small moments that can have a lot of meaning but that are forgotten before so many others that occupy our busy life. If you can’t take the time to enjoy them when they happen, at least think about them again when you have a little time for yourself.

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Having a sense of belonging is probably one of the most rewarding human experiences. This is what leads us to look for people with the same mentality. Going to a place where you meet people with similar interests, such as yoga classes, training or swimming, is a way to feel the connection that moves you. Of course, there are other places you can go and activities that you can enjoy in order to feel part of a community.

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Pleasure may seem to be only part of the experience of feeling happy, but it is very important. When you complete your workout and really sweat and feel psychologically tired, your brain will offer you a reward. The release of endorphins is the time to feel the good moment that people naturally feel “addicted” to running or exercising. For this reason, training constantly will train your brain to count on the chemical and natural reward and your body and mind will thank you.

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Creating habits is a way of feeling security and certainty in our daily life. This will give a feeling of comfort, and for many, it is associated with happiness and contentment. Another variation of happiness, filled with enthusiasm, will occur when the routine is broken. Experiencing and enjoying new things is an excellent way to maintain happiness in your day to day.

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